Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals 

Music runs through his veins! It started at 9 years old when he attended his first concert - KISS. He dusted off an old acoustic and started plucking, trying to figure it out. After a few years it started clicking, and the rest is history. He is completely self taught, gifted with a great ear to figure out songs. He has played in many local bands including his all original metal band Minds Eye which is signed to Dive Bomb Records. He loves to write original music of all genres such as rock, country, reggae, and beautiful acoustic music! He also plays multiple instruments as he plays drums in the local band Joyride as well! Randy has a great personality. He's funny, down to earth, and genuinely loves life. He also uses his music to help others as he organizes charity benefit concerts every year for St. Judes Children's Hospital, and Christmas Cash For Kids. He also plays at many other charity events for cancer, veterans, homelessness, etc. He is very excited to be a part of Triple Lindy!