Triple Lindy is a funky little Frederick based cover band. Their slogan is "Frederick MD's premier dance cover band, playing '70s, '80s, '90's, Y2K through Today, Dive in!"  This accurately represents the music they play, a mix of what is best from these decades, favoring the Rock, Pop, and Dance, thus allowing for a variety of music to entertain a diverse audience.  Their second slogan is "to have fun!" That pertains to the members of the band and the audience.  They strive to energize the audience and feed from the audience's energy creating a dynamic balance that is sure to have people up dancing, smiling, singing, and having FUN!  They have been playing together for more than 12 years and are all friends off the stage, which lends itself into a great group dynamic that brings their passion for music in each performance, large or small.

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 Updated 01-31-2020